ROAR Combat League – Results

Following last night’s event, ROAR Combat League would like to thank everyone involved in making it happen. From the gyms and fighters to the team of staff and helpers who helped create what was a superb event. Feedback from people that attended the show has been phenomenal with some describing it as the most entertaining show they have ever seen.

Special mention to Christian Knowles and Katie Rishover who have created a fantastic brand that sets a high bar for Muay Thai. Also Steven Broome for helping set the stage. Finally everyone that supports our events, a big thank you. ROAR Combat League are truly blessed with the atmosphere that Edgbaston Stadium fans create. Many of you buy tickets every event and it is, I believe, a standout show and unique crowd.

Next event is April 6th and the wheels are already in motion for what promises to be a special Roar Combat League ?


Two great performances so far – Toon just lost to a more experienced opponent after a fantastic battle and Ces achieved a unanimous win using sharp teeps, round kicks and sharp knees. Very proud!

Sam Hyde didn’t get the result last night. He put on a great show against an extremely tough opponent but most definitely did not show his A game. Not taking anything away from Cian as he is clearly a great fighter with a huge fight career ahead of him. As you would expect Sam is cutting through his disappointment with a champion mentality, already planning his next steps as he becomes the fighter I know he can be.

Funniest moment of the day – pre post fight interview, Sam stopped the interviewer so he could get a drink as he “didn’t want to sound like that Simon Forrest on camera”. We all had a laugh and heard from the Roar presenter how post weigh in interviews will be no more due to the gibberish incident… legendary!!






Kwai – Muay Thai Interclub

Kwai – Muay Thai Interclub

10th August 2013

Kwai - Muay Thai Interclub

Weigh in: 11am  First fight starts at: 12pm  Finishes: 5pm  Fighters: 60

All interclubs are regulated and there are no decisions on the fights. This enables the fighter to practice his technique and gain experience in the ring. There is a referee and timekeeper present throughout the fights.

  • Each fighter will receive a certificate and trophy.
  • Everyone is welcome to support on the day.
  • Instructors; please forward fighters details 1 week before the event and bring your own protective equipment.
  • Admission £TBC for fighters and spectators.
  • Refreshments available.

We look forward to seeing on the day…

Chao Phraya Academy – Competing Fighters

  • Jack Choi
  • Trevor Gibbs
  • Darren Sullivan
  • Paul Stafford
  • Sam Hyde
  • Sam Tweed

Wanderlust Logo (Colour)

PHOTOGRAPHY: Photo’s on the day, will be taken by

TRAVEL: Meeting at the Chao Phraya Academy at 09:00am on the day.
ADDRESS: Broad Leas Centre, Broad Leas, St Ives, Cambridgeshire PE27 5QB

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Khrob Kru & Grading Ceremonies

Khrob Kru Ceremony


Kru Steven Johns Kru Steven Johns Kru Steven Johns Kru Steven Johns Kru Steven Johns Kru Steven Johns Kru Steven Johns

Just returned from Chao Phraya Lincoln after attending the Khrob Kru (teacherr) ceremony for Steven Johns. Since our humble beginnings 13 years ago Chao Phraya has only previously awarded 3 Kru grades: Kru Leigh Edlin, Kru James Khan & Kru Samir Hidalgo. The grade is not given away and has to be earned through many years of dedication, loyalty and hard work. So it was a great honour for me to watch the first person who I graded as Kru Leigh Edlin, to be giving his first Kru grading to his student. This is a very personal and significant ceremony between Kru (teacher) and Nak Rian (student). Congratulations Kru Steven Johns you are now a part of Chao Phraya Muay Thai’s heritage.

Kru Shaun Boland

Kru Steven JohnsPictured: Kru Leigh Edlin, Kru Steven Johns & Senior Kru Shaun Boland

Assistant Instructor Ceremony


Brian Pawsey
Pictured: Kru Leigh Edlin, Asst. Kru Brian Pawsey & Senior Kru Shaun Boland


SEAN O’MEARA – 2nd Khan
JAMES COHEN – 2nd Khan
SAM HYDE – 1st Khan

Photography by

Chao Phraya on the radio

Hear Lincoln’s one and only Brian David Pawsey interviewed on Lincoln City Radio where he discusses his hobby: Muay Thai at Chao Phraya Muay Thai Academy!

CLICK BELOW To listen to Brian Pawsey’s interview on Lincoln City Radio

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Thanks to Greg Somchai Kap for the link.