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Muay Thai or Thai boxing is a combat sport of Thailand that uses stand-up striking along with various clinching techniques. A very physical and mental discipline which includes combat on shins is known as “the art of eight limbs” because it is characterised by the combined use of fists, elbows, knees, shins. Often described as the most deadly martial Art in the World.

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all-day YOKKAO 49-50 @ The University of Bolton Stadium
YOKKAO 49-50 @ The University of Bolton Stadium
Jul 31 all-day
YOKKAO 49-50 @ The University of Bolton Stadium
After more than a year since our last official event, the date is now confirmed for our next major show which is set to make its return to the UK on 31st July. UK Prime …

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KRU (Instructor)

Leigh Edlin

KRU (Instructor)

Steve Johns

KRU (Instructor)

Paul Stafford

KRU (Instructor)

Daz Sullivan

Our Aim

is to introduce and promote the art of Muay Thai, Thai Culture & History within our class structure and syllabus. In addition, the academy aims to promote fitness, confidence and well being through our exercise & training.

COVID19 - Update

COVID19 - Update

COVID-19 UPDATE Hi everyone, It is with great regret that I am suspending Muay Thai classes from Tuesday 17th March…

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Diamond Fight – Ben Howells

Diamond Fight – Ben Howells

Fight Photos Ben Howells (Chao Phraya) V Jon Crawley (Red Diamond) Diamond Fight - 11th May 2019 Images by James…

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Chao Phraya Muay Thai In 4 Steps

The academy will introduce and teach Muay Thai and it's culture through the following formats within its syllabus: Thai Language, Thai History, Thai Culture. Muay Boran, Krabbi Krabong, Muay Kaad Cherk and Corner-man, Pad-man and Hand-wrapping techniques and courses.

First Step: Dedication

After that, we move on to flexibility and different range of motion before moving to strength, power, and speed.

Second Step: Pain

We teach traditional (Muay Boran) and modern day Muay Thai at the Chao Phraya Academy, wanting to create awareness and form an environment where we concentrate on the principals.

Third Step:  Passion

We realise the value of your time and aim to get results whether it is weight loss, sports performance or muscle gain.

Fourth Step:  Gain

Whether you want to get fit, learn how to defend yourself or even become a champion (nak muay) fighter... you are welcome to come and train at our academy.

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