Leigh Edlin

15F•12W•1D•2L - ISKA European, Commonwealth & British Champion, IKF British and English Champion and WMTO West Midlands Area Champion.

Steve Johns

6 Pro Fights

Sam Hyde

11 Pro Fights - Current S3 Fight League Area Champion.

Tony Hewson

7 Pro Fights - Midland Area Champion and got into Muay Thai because of Jean Claude Van damme and the movie kickboxer!

James Bowen

5 Pro Fights - After a friend showed me some videos of Raymond Deckers & Ernesto Hoost I knew it was something I wanted to try!

Gareth Howells

3 Pro Fights - My 14 year old son (Ben) wanted to try it so I took him along. I get bored watching so I joined in. I really liked it. 10 years later and 3 stones lighter but greatly enjoyed the experiences.

Mac McDonald

2 Pro Fights - I started Muay Thai to regain my fitness and channel the stresses of life into a positive and violent outlet!

Ces Pearson

3 Pro Fights - A friend recommended Muay Thai and I loved the violence and exhausting work outs instantly. The Kru’s are dedicated and helpful and always bring out the best in you.

Morgan Chandler

1 Pro Fight - Got into to Muay Thai for fitness.

Liam Brown

5 Pro Fights - I have always wanted to be fighter and Muay Thai seemed to be the most brutal available. I was never into martial arts as a youngster, I just love the fighting game!

Ben Howells

3 Pro Fights - I needed a hobby and I saw some fights on TV and thought I wanna try that. I met everyone down at the club and thought I get to hit these guys every week, it pretty much cemented my love for the sport.

Joe McCullen

3 Pro Fights

Lawrence White

2 Pro Fights

Viktor Kuznecovs

1 Pro Fight

Grzes Walek

2 Pro Fights