According to the standard Thai Boxing teaching, these are divided into 15 variations,
1. Erawan Soeigna (elephant thrusting its tusks)
Counter punch by stepping in and blocking with one arm while delivering an uppercut
with the other.
2. Prararm Naosurm (Rama Pulls the bow string)
Guard (stop) elbow attack and counter with straight punch.
3. Hirap Muanpandin (Mountain Overturns the earth)
Counter against punch or kick attack by spinning back elbow to chin.
4. Hongse (Hong) Pikhak (Swan with Broken Wings) – Block opponents punch
and counter with elbow strike to upper arm.
5. Fan Look Buab (Slicing the Cucumber)
Step in and side elbow to face.
6. Rusee Bod Ya
Grab Opponents neck, jump up and deliver downward elbow to top of head.
7. Yak Ngiang Pla
Turn away to avoid punch, counter with rising elbow to chin.
8. Bata Looppak (Foot Touches Face)
Teep Slap Kick to opponents face.
9. Tain Kwadlan (Monk Follower Sweeps the Floor)
Evade kick, step across low and deliver sweeping kick to opponents supporting leg.
10. Kwang Liewang (Deer Looks back)
Feint or deliver round kick and follow with teep to opponent’s ribs.
11. Praram Sagota
Use feet to kick or shove at opponent’s throat.
12. Tayae Kamsao (Tayae supports the pillar)
Counter kick by kicking upper thigh of opponents supporting leg.
13. Khun Yak Pa Nang (Giant Steals the girl)
Attack by grabbing opponent’s waist in bear hug, then twist and deliver knee attack.
14. Koompan Poonghok
Side step a punch and deliver knee to ribs.
15. Naga Mood Badan (Serpent sneaks to the Ocean Kingdom)
When opponent kicks with high round kick duck underneath. When opponent misses
counter with thrust kick to knee joint.
The Mae Mai and Luk Mai techniques may vary slightly from school to school, some
even have more techniques. It is generally accepted however, that there are 15 master
and 15 complimentary techniques.

Researched, compiled & written by: Kru Shaun Boland