Introduction to Muay Thai Course


Introduction to Muay Thai 8 WEEKS £60

Starts: 4th February 2024

Start Date

Sunday 4th February 2024

An 'Introduction to Muay Thai' Course is an 8 week course, to give you a complete taster of the World's most deadly Martial Art.

Focusing on the fundamentals and basic principles of Thai boxing starting from the ground up, at the end of the 8 weeks you will understand, boxing, kicking, elbow and knee strikes along with clinch fighting and general striking knowledge.

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Gradings 2023


Starting - 26th November 2023
Ending - 28th January 2024

At last after Covid we have got around to getting our Grading Syllabus going again! Making sure it's again instilled into our club, like the good old days!!

Our brand new Grading Syllabus is also being used, using a much more holistic approach developed by Kru Leigh & Kru Steve. Where rather than the Gradings all being done on one day... Students will be marked over a period of time. Where they will be assessed on their; Pad Work, Pad Holding, Combinations, Cardio, Clinch, Sparring and Theory to pass each grade.

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Club Sponsorship

A huge thank you!

To our club sponsors for 2023!!

We are a non-profit Thai Boxing and Self-Defence gym based in Lincoln. Where we teach traditional (Muay Boran) and modern day Muay Thai. Whether our members want to get fit, improve confidence, learn how to defend themselves or even become a champion (Nak Muay) fighter... you are welcome to come and train at our academy.

Our aim is to share the true art of Muay Thai with our members in a positive and welcoming atmosphere. We will ensure that students who want to compete are ‘battle ready’ through regular, padwork, sparring and clinch work. Through our classes, members will benefit from increased fitness, confidence and wellbeing.

Without the following sponsors who have kindly donated to sponsor our new ring canvas, as well as club clothing... we just wouldn't survive!!!

Many Thanks again to:



Replay Maintenance



Sweeney Dodge Fightwear


Lincoln Fighter Wins Junior Title

Isaac Edlin from Lincoln fought and won the Junior Area Belt on 12th June 2022 in Birmingham at the S3 Fight League Junior Championships.
Isaac 15 who is trained by his father Leigh Edlin at The Chao Phraya Muay Thai Academy, has been training in Thai Boxing since he 5 years old. Following in his Dad’s footsteps, who has also won a selection of belts including British, Commonwealth & European Champion during his career.
Edlin junior has only just started his Thai Boxing journey but has several fights lined up later this year!

Muay Thai receives full Olympic recognition

At the 138th International Olympic Committee session, Muay Thai federations received full recognition. While this isn’t a guarantee of inclusion into the next Olympic Games, it’s a huge step in that direction. A realistic goal for the newly recognized sports would be a 2028 Olympics debut in Los Angeles.

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