Introduction to Muay Thai Course


Introduction to Muay Thai 8 WEEKS £60

Starts: 4th February 2024

Start Date

Sunday 4th February 2024

An 'Introduction to Muay Thai' Course is an 8 week course, to give you a complete taster of the World's most deadly Martial Art.

Focusing on the fundamentals and basic principles of Thai boxing starting from the ground up, at the end of the 8 weeks you will understand, boxing, kicking, elbow and knee strikes along with clinch fighting and general striking knowledge.


Week 1

  • Guard / Stance
  • Footwork - forward, back, left, right, pivot
  • Body kicks (how to hold pads)

Week 2

  • Right and left round kicks
  • Blocking kicks
  • How to hold pads

Week 3

  • Boxing - Jab, cross, hooks, uppercuts
  • Low Kicks
  • Basic Combinations - Jab, kick and lead hook kick

Week 4

  • Teeps and Knees
  • Defence against Punches and Kicks

Week 5

  • Club Combinations - 1, 2, 5, 6
  • Guided Pad Work and bag work focusing on single strikes being thrown correctly

Week 6

  • Clinch Fundamentals and Scoring

Week 7

  • Basic Combinations and how to defend against an opponent

Week 8

  • Sparring & Clinch - Thai style Session

All equipment is provided - you just need to wear a t-shirt and shorts and bring a water bottle! (Hand Wraps if you have some).

Any questions, message Sam on: 07983 416782