Tanko Gloves Review

Review by Paul Stafford

Tankō are setting new standards in the combat sports industry, supplying a range of products tried and tested by world champions. I have been recently very lucky to be one of the first owners of a pair of Tanko Gloves, that have been kindly supplied by Phill Shedden – Promoter at The Tankō Main Event.

I’m reviewing a blue pair of 14oz vecro, which arrived within a day! As soon as I tried them on, they just felt right… really really comfortable and certainly felt as good, if not better than my old Twins or King Gloves!!

The Tankō design is extremely resilient enough to offer a reducing impact result so you can even train for longer without feeling your hands need a break, something that is essential not only when you are training but also when you are facing tough, long fights or sparring. Also, the adopted nylon implemented in the interiors is water proof but it will let your hand breath appropriately, so you don’t get with wet hands and they won’t start to behave slippery inside the gloves.

The velcro wrists supports are very comfortable and enlightened position for your hands while you are attacking. These gloves are also available with a laces, so you can make it tighter to adjust the size of your hands and come in all the usual sizes. To keep the gloves exactly tight to your hand’s shape is very important, otherwise you might even break or seriously injury your hands.

All of the Tankō range are made from high quality leather and have high density padding to help with protecting your hands. These boxing gloves in particular have extra padding on the hands for hitting the heavy bag or sparring with a training partner. These gloves are as high quality as they come, super durable, comfortable, protective as well as cool looking.

If you want a snug fitting glove that offers excellent protection when punching and blocking then these are the gloves for you. An incredibly reasonable price at £60 for such a high performing glove. These gloves will become legendary for their longevity and reliability I’m sure!

Last, but not least, these gloves are simply quite beautiful. They have a traditional, vintage Muay Thai style and are very light. Just because your focus is your opponent doesn’t mean you cannot distract them with great looking gloves!!

Muay Thai Gloves

Muay Thai Gloves

Muay Thai Gloves

Muay Thai Gloves

About Tankō

Brought to you by:

Jamie Tankō, Panicos Yusuf, Dakota Ditcheva, Brendan Loughnane & Phill Shedden

By signing, developing and promoting the most gifted fighters in Britain, Tankō Management is tirelessly supporting the growth of UK combat sports – aiming to continually increase audience exposure and enhance standards across the board. Behind the scenes are a hard-working team who commit to Tankō in the same way professional fighters commit to every contest. We’re dedicated to ensuring the UK combat sports industry continues to develop a knowledgeable and passionate audience by supporting exciting events that take the country by storm.

For more information on Tankō Equipment visit: www.tanko.co.uk

For more information on Tankō Main Events visit: www.tankoevents.co.uk

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