Coronavirus Update:

We are taking additional precautionary measures to ensure the Health and Safety of all our Members and Krus - this is our number one priority.

We are closely monitoring the Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation and following the advice provided by Public Health England (PHE).

Chao Phraya is committed to providing our members with a safe and hygienic space to exercise in and we are taking this situation extremely seriously. Our Krus have looked into what actions they need to take, as per Government guidance, to reduce the risk of the virus spreading.

Chao Phraya Members are encouraged to help reduce the spread of the virus through good personal hygiene.

This includes:

  • Frequent hand washing (wash your hands for 20 seconds) and hand sanitising during your visits.
  • Making full use of the soap and cleaning items available and wipe down pads and equipment after use.
  • Covering your mouth and nose with a tissue when coughing or sneezing and dispose of the tissue in the bin after use.
  • Familiarise yourself with the latest guidance from PHE and DO NOT visit the gym if you are displaying symptoms of COVID-19 and are advised to self-isolate.
  • Follow Government guidance if you are a returning traveller.

Please can I ask that you take all clothes, wraps, gloves, shinspads etc.. that have been left around the gym home.

We will be disposing of any clothes that have not been claimed!!