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Yokkao 23 & 24

The Next YOKKAO event in UK will take place Saturday, March 25th once again at the Macron Stadium in Bolton.

The night of YOKKAO 23 and YOKKAO 24 will host two events in one night at the price of only one ticket with some of the greatest superstars Muay Thai has to offer!




Jordan Watson Vs Sorgraw Petchyindee
Chris Shaw Vs Jake Purdy
Myk Estlick Vs Craig Coakley
Chris Whittle Vs Steward Pringle
Joe Craven Vs Harry Burton
Owen Trykowski Vs Matthew Crozier

VIDEO: Liam Harrison on fighting Rayan Mekki


Liam Harrison (c) Vs Ryan Mekki – For Yokkao 65 kg Championship
Stephen Meleady Vs Wuttichai Yokkaosaenchaigym
Amy Pirnie Vs Dakota Ditcheva
Jack Kennedy Vs Tommi McCormick
Louis Green Vs Markus Kalberg


Spencer Brown Vs Geotge Mouzakitis
William Sarwar Vs Isaac Taylor
Tamara Fallon Vs Hannah Brady
Grzegorz Vs Mike Farah
Stuart Stabler Vs Hassan Din
Charlie Simpson Vs John-Henry Careslade


Due to the huge demand from our fans tickets are going on sale NOW!
Don’t forget that our four previous events were completely sold out so don’t miss the opportunity to attend the most in demand and prestigious Muay Thai event outside Thailand. Tickets are available here >> www.yokkao.com


The World’s top Muay Thai Camps

Muay Thai is the national sport of Thailand, but it has become a global phenomenon with camps operating all over the world. A few Western fighters have started to make a name for themselves on the international scene. Even only a decade ago, it was almost unheard of for a foreign fighter to possess the skills good enough to win a title at Lumpinee Stadium or Rajdamnern Stadium. Thanks to trailblazing pioneers such as Rob Kaman and Ramon Dekkers in the 1980s, Muay Thai is now a global sport. While the Thais still dominate the game at the highest levels of Muay Thai in the world, the sport’s popularity has ignited across the globe.


Thailand remains the heartland of the sport and no country can come close in terms of the quantity of elite level competitors which The Kingdom continually churns out. An estimated 5,000 professional Muay Thai camps are spread all over Thailand and are situated in virtually every town. Children start at a very young age such as 5-6 years old and Muay Thai is even taught in schools. In any given year, there are an estimated 250,000 to 300,000 elite professional Muay Thai fighters competing around the country. Only the very best 500 fighters or so in Thailand make it to the big stadiums like Lumpinee or Rajdamnern in Bangkok. And still, most fighters end up failing in the big leagues. The numbers are even worse for foreigners in terms of odds for success.  For this reason, it is no surprise that most of the top camps are in Thailand, but there are some notable exceptions due to widespread proliferation of Muay Thai knowledge.


Here is a list of the world’s top Muay Thai destinations for authentic Muay Thai.

Evolve MMA

The Thai media in Thailand have crowned Evolve MMA’s Muay Thai instructor team as the greatest dream team of legends in history.  Evolve MMA in Singapore has the most decorated team of Muay Thai trainers found anywhere in the world, including camps in Thailand. It currently includes big-name legends of the sport like Namsaknoi Yudthagarngamtorn, Attachai Fairtex, Orono Wor Petchpun, and Nonthachai Sit O as well as an vast array of multiple-time Rajadamnern and Lumpinee champions including Muangfalek Kiatvichian, Chalee Sor Chaitamin, Saenghiran Lookbanyai and Dejdamrong Sor Amnuaysirichok, Singmanee Kaewsamrit, Chaowalith JockeyGym, and many others. It also houses many champion trainers from Sityodtong Camp.

Evolve MMA offers Muay Thai classes in Singapore for the complete beginner to the advanced Lumpinee-level professional fighter. If you are looking to learn Muay Thai in Singapore, Evolve MMA is arguably one of the best Muay Thai gyms in the world. If you are looking to compete and win in Lumpinee Stadium, Evolve MMA is worth a visit to sharpen your skills against some of the best in history.


The Petchyindee gym has been one of the best in Thailand for several decades and a brand new location is currently under construction featuring state-of-the-art facilities. It will include accommodation for tourists. Historically, Petchyindee has not open to the general public, but it will be next year. It is already home to the Petchyindee stable of fighters which includes two of the best fighters of the decade in Sam-A Kaiyanghadao and Nong-O Kaiyanghadao while training is overseen by multiple time Lumpinee and Rajadmanern champion Sagat Petyindee.

Petchyindee also throws co-promotions at Lumpinee Stadium on a regular basis with their star fighters. Their fighters are well-known for their technical mastery of Muay Thai and are well-known as cardio machines. When it opens its door to foreign tourists, it is well worth a visit to see how one of the best camps in Thailand trains its legendary champions.


Sitsongpeenong is a camp that caters to Westerners with air conditioned, indoor facilities. However, do not be fooled by the luxurious settings. It has a world-class fight team which currently includes multiple-time tournament and title winner Kem Sitsongpeenong, current Thailand champion Sittichai Sitsongpeenong and former Lumpinee champion Thongchai Sitsongpeenong. It is a serious camp with serious Muay Thai. Fighters at Sitsongpeenong are known as very well-rounded with strong kicks and excellent punching power, a rarity in the world of Muay Thai. If you want to learn authentic Muay Thai, Sitsongpeenong is definitely one of the best.

There are facilities in both Bangkok and Phuket, catering to students of all levels and Sitsongpeenong regularly sends fighters to compete at all the main stadiums in Thailand with many of them highly ranked in their respective weight classes.


Despite being located on the outskirts of Phuket’s most notorious red light district, Singpatong has an excellent reputation and has helped launch the careers of top Thai and Western fighters with Pentai Sitnumnoi, Peneak Sitnumnoi and Damien Alamos all winning Lumpinee titles in recent years. Peneak was the 2011 ‘Fighter of the Year’ and the head coach, Numnoi Singpatong, has a crop of up and coming Thai youngsters coming through as well as being extremely open to Western fighters who want to come and train. The open atmosphere of this camp makes it a place to visit for the beginner and the serious fighter. Singpatong training is classic Thai-style with lots of roadwork, heavy bags, pads, and clinch work. Cardio is strongly emphasized at Singpatong.  You can learn excellent basics as well as advanced technique at Singpatong.


Located on the outskirts of Kanchanaburi, this Muay Thai camp is in a remote location, but is known for its laid-back atmosphere. However it is still home to some feared and respected fighters like Pornsaneh Sitmonchai, who has a reputation as being the most exciting Muay Thai contenders in Thailand today, and teenage prodigy Yodkhunpol Sitmonchai who recently secured a contract with international kickboxing organization Glory. Due to its remote location, the training is very spartan and hard. Roadwork is heavily emphasized with endless rounds of pad work and conditioning. The trainers at Sitmonchai have decades of experience at Lumpinee and Rajdamnern stadiums.  Do not expect special treatment as a visitor. The training is as tough as they come. If you want an immersive Muay Thai experience, Sitmonchai is one of the places to go.

Jitti Gym

Jitti Gym in Bangkok is owned by the well respected Jitti Tanongsak and while it isn’t known for producing Thai fighters it has helped launch the careers of some of the top Westerners in the sport including WBC and WMC champion Liam Harrison. Known for its family atmosphere, Jitti Gym is also home to Andy Thrasher who became the first ever non Thai to win a Toyota Marathon in 2011 and is welcoming to complete beginners as well as seasoned pros with basic accommodation available.

Tiger Muay Thai

Tiger Muay Thai is best known as a tourist destination for those who want a combination of training and fun on the beautiful island of Phuket.  The Muay Thai classes cater to students of all levels and the trainers include former Lumpinee champion Rattanachai Jadngooluem and former Rajadamnern champion Lamsongkram Chuwattana. It also has a very serious MMA program with elite competitors and instructors such as Roger Huerta and Brian Ebersole.

13 Coins

Attached to a large hotel in Bangkok, 13 Coins is run by the eccentric Mr Coke and is home to several top fighters with former ‘Fighter of the Year’ winners Saenchai PKSaenchaigym and Saengmanee Sor Tienpo both training here as well as Pakorn Sakyotin and western boxers like Kwanoichit 13coinsexpress and Pungluang Sor Singyu.


Lanna Boxing Camp, better known in Thailand as “Kiat Busaba”, is a professional boxing camp in Thailand’s northern capital city of Chiang Mai. Owned and managed as a family concern,we have worked hard over several years together with our young Thai boxers to achieve success at the top level of competition as well as being considered one of the best Northern Muay Thai Training centres. In the pleasant surroundings of our camp, as we train everyday, we offer the opportunity for people to train professionally and gain insight and understanding of the ancient art of Muay Thai.

… and of course

Chao Phraya Muay Thai 😉

Chao Pyraya (Lincoln) in Lincoln is run by the well respected Kru Leigh Edlin and while it isn’t very known as yet for producing professional fighters, it has a fantastic atmosphere and superb training and facilities. It is Chao Phraya Muay Thai Academy’s aim to introduce and promote the art of Muay Thai, Thai Culture & History within our class structure and syllabus. In addition, the academy aims to promote fitness, confidence and well being through our exercise and training prescription, welcoming to complete beginners as well as seasoned professionals.

Sourced from: www.sg.sports.yahoo.com

Yokkao 10 & 11

Supershowdown Presents

Yokkao 10 & 11

Back in the UK – #Yokkao10 #Yokkao11

Tickets on Sale ready for our next show on 11th October 2014. It’s going to be huge!


Supershowdown are again bringing Yokkao to the UK – this time with 2 shows in 1 night! Tickets are already available and selling fast…




Harrison v Kongsak


Pakorn v Wootton


Stanton v Boussouku


James v Runmai

Yakkao Video Highlights


Liam Harrison vs Kongsak Sitboonmee – 65kg
Dean James
vs Runmai Mo Tammachat – 56kg
Brad Stanton
vs Crice Boussoukou – 67kg
Josh Turbill
vs Tommi McCormick – 68kg
Jordan Watson
vs Mickael Piscitello – 70kg
Pakorn PK
vs Greg Wootton – 63.5kg
Panicos Yusuf
vs Keith Mc Lachlan – 61.5kg
Ste Long
vs Salah A – 68kg
Chris Whittle
vs Sean Silver – 60kg

The Main Event Arena Tour

The Main Event Arena Tour

7th June 2014

the main event manchester

The Main Event Muay Thai.
No imitations. No resurrections.
The best Muay Thai show in the U.K.


65kg A Class

Liam Harrison (Bad Company, Leeds)
Greg Wootton (KO gym, London)

Harrison v Wooton

This bout pits two of the stand out names in U.K. Muay Thai against one another in a fight that has been on the cards for a long time. KO’s superstar Wootton boasts a record of 28 wins from 30 fights and is known for his amazing technical ability and slick fighting style. He has beaten the who’s who of Muay Thai names in the U.K including Panicos Yusuf, Paul Karpowicz and Luke Turner and is the current WMC MAD World Title holder. Other notable scalps for the Londoner include wins over Thai champion Prathet Sor Thanikul and World champion Andre Kotsur. In addition to his impressive collection of Muay Thai wins, he has also competed several times under kickboxing rules and recently picked up the Enfusion World strap. Harrison is coming off the back of a brilliant win over Frenchman Dylan Salvador on The Main Event earlier this month and has a busy start to 2014 planned. With more than 90 fights on his record he has long been considered one of the very best fighters on the planet, competing at the highest level for many years. He holds wins over countless Thai champions and recorded a spectacular win over Andrei Kulebin on our first The Main Event show in 2012, stopping the Belarussian in 3 rounds.

67kg A Class

Reece Mccallister (Phoenix, Country Durham)
Brad Stanton (Kiatphontip, Leeds)

Mccallister vs Stanton

Both these young fighters are hot property in the Muay Thai world and have been demolishing all opponents in their way for some time now. Current UK number 1 Mccallister has a wealth of junior experience behind him and lived in Thailand for a period where he fought more than a dozen times. With a hugely impressive record of 44 wins from 50 professional contests, he is rightly seen as one of the most special talents the UK has produced in recent years. In his last fight he put on a Muay Thai masterclass against former UK number 1 Tim Thomas, dethroning the man from Bedford with a wide points victory and with an amazing display that left the fans begging for more. Stanton has been making huge waves on the UK Muay Thai scene, has been tipped as a future star of the sport from the very beginning of his career, and is undoubtedly the biggest threat to Reece’s number one spot. His aggressive fighting style has seen him make light work of numerous high calibre opponents in the past 12 months including Josh Palmer, Adrian Wedolowski and Sam Omomogbe, on route to securing the #4 position he currently holds in the rankings. His record reads 23 fights with 21 wins and only 2 losses. Both these athletes have an exciting fighting style, backed up by the confidence of youth, with the skill to support.

61.5kg A Class

Darren O’Connor (Thai Style, Liverpool)
Panicos Yusuf (All Powers, Stockport)

O’Connor v Yusuf

This fight sees U.K. ranked #2 Panicos challenge the current number 1 to determine who is the best lightweight in the U.K. This is a bout that the fans have wanted for some time and is a fantastic addition to The Main Event bill. Darren holds both the ISKA British and ISKA European titles and has beaten many of the top names in the U.K. including Keith Mclachlan, Jonno Chipchase and Paul Karpowicz, as well as recording wins over Thai and European opposition. He recently spent 6 months training in Thailand and fought several times in the stadiums during his stay there. On his return to England he took on the Spanish lightweight champion, a fight he controlled well, and emerged with a comfortable points win. His record currently reads 22 wins, 9 losses and 1 draw. Panicos featured on our The Main Event show on 2nd November 2013, beating Scotland’s rising star Chris Shaw in a highly anticipated fight. He is regarded as one of the best fighters in Europe and has proven his talent on countless occasions, with wins over Ireland’s Josh Palmer and Thai champion Prathet Sor Thanikul on his impressive record. He is the current WRSA European champion and has been seeking the opportunity to challenge for the U.K. number 1 spot for some time. This is a real 50/50 fight between the two biggest names in the division and could go either way!

60kg A class

Andrew Lofthouse (Evolve, Manchester)
Keith Mclachlan (Griphouse, Scotland)

Lofthouse v Mclachlan

This fight features the fighter who, many would say, stole the show on our last event. Last years “break out” fighter Andrew Lofthouse finished an impressive 2013, which included wins over Brian Totty, Ross George and Adam Lee Mason, with an outstanding, fight of the night performance on November’s The Main Event. The unorthodox and entertaining Lofthouse will face off against the Keith Mclachlan, UK’s #1 ranked fighter at 59kg, in a catch weight contest matched at 60kg. Tough as Teak Mclachlan is a fighter who can be likened to a good wine – gets better with age. Keith brings a wealth of experience to the table with 23 fights on his record and has fought many top names over the past few years such as Darren O’connor, Ste Meleady and Oron Deachkalon, who many thought he was unlucky to lose to in the final of a Super 8 tournament. He holds wins over wins over Stevie Brown, Carl Copestake and former Thai champion Rung.

Another “call em” fight, it once again underlines our mission to bring together the very best fighters out there and provide a spectacle few can match.

85kg A class

Carlos DeGraca (Bolton Muay Thai)
Darren Howeison (Headhunters MMA, Scotland)

DeGraca v Howeison

This is a fight which can have only one description – Knock Out! Between them these lads have won 85% of their fights inside the distance. UK number one, unbeaten Carlos Degraca, follows his impressive 5th round stoppage of David Sa on The Main Event in November by defending his UK number 1 spot against hard-hitting Scotsman Darren Howeison. DeGraca’s performance against Sa brought him plaudits from many respected figures within the sport and took his unbeaten record to 10-0-1, with 8 of those coming by way of knockout. With his devastating knockout power and explosive style, he is the man to beat in the cruiserweight division in the UK. On current form, 6ft 6” Howeison is one of the most dangerous 85kg fighters on the circuit and has racked up a perfect record of 9 straight wins, all inside the distance, picking up a Scottish title in the process. Currently sitting 3rd in the UK rankings, he will be looking to extend his perfect record and knock Carlos off the top spot, with future European opportunities on the horizon… With 17 combined stoppages in their 20 bouts, this fight is guaranteed to be brutally action packed and explosive – while it lasts. Very much a ‘don’t blink’ match, one thing is for certain… someone’s ‘0’ has got to go!

71kg K1 rules

Chad Sugden (Suggy’s Gym, Newark)
Nathan Epps (K-Star, Birmingham)

Sugden v Epps

This bout sees two of the brightest stars on the UK kickboxing stage face off against each other in a fight that has been in the making for over a year. With an amateur record spanning over 100 fights, Sugden made his professional debut on The Main Event in 2012, taking a hard fought win over Joe Roberts. Since then he has gone on to win 11 of his 12 professional contests, beating high profile opponents Ryan Edmunson, Salah Abdulsalem and Costel Paniscuis, and picking up the ISKA oriental rules World Title in the process. Epps boasts a superb record of 32 wins from 40 fights and is currently on a 13-fight winning streak. A busy 2013 saw him record stoppage wins over WBC National Champion Mike Egan and Ireland’s Jonno Bracken, as well as a comfortable points win over foreign opposition on his hometown show in September. In October 2012 Epps and Sugden both competed in an 8-Man Tournament in Warrington, with Epps defeating Brad Stanton and Kerrith Bhella in his first two matches while Sugden secured his place in the final with victories over Solomon Wickstead and Peter Tiarks. Injured in the semi-final, Epps was forced to withdraw in favour of Bhella, whom Sugden went on to beat convincingly on points for the title and the purse. Finally these two will meet in what is set to be an explosive fight over three rounds.

65kg B Class

Danny Horton (Majestic Gym, Wigan)
Ste Wain (Goldenteam, Leeds)

Horton v Wain

Both these lads are real bangers and we are very pleased to have secured such a quality fight for The Main Event to support our headlining bouts. Danny (9w 5L) is coming off a very close loss to number 4 ranked Mikey Wiseman last month on The Main Event and is keen to get back to winning ways. Standing in his way is the man from Leeds (6w 3L) who will be looking to make a statement and end this fight as soon as possible, with opportunities in the pipeline for the winner..

Visit their website: www.themaineventmanchester.com

Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/MainEvent

Tickets available here: www.theticketfactory.com


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