Hi! I'm Daz

I had mentioned to Kru Leigh about running a class for the young’uns on a couple of occasions. Once we had moved into our new home down Exchange Road, the timing was perfect and a kids’ class soon followed. With around 5 years Muay Thai under my belt, I jumped at the opportunity of helping out. I had been coaching Grassroots football for around 4 years by this point and thought it would be a great coaching step for me as well as an opportunity for me to lock down the basics (guard, movements, how you turn, kick, punch etc.)

It was also a chance to get my own kids into a positive activity that is confidence-building, enjoyable and (for me) a life-skill.

Fast forward 3 years and we have all seen progress in abundance. We have had a number of people turn up (often with no prior martial arts experience), but with a can-do attitude, means we have everything we need to turn them into Muay Thai enthusiasts!

We have a mixture of ages and talents, all shining in their own way. This isn’t about being the best in the class, although we do have gradings to give all members progressive steps and targets to strive for. This is about being the best you can be, giving 101% and enjoying yourself.

The highlights for me has been seeing kids turn up, being too shy to join in on their first lesson and watching the transition into little Muay Thai Warriors. Progress can be seen in a matter of weeks, although it’s a continuous journey and there’s always something to learn (myself included!) We have a mixture of members from 5 year olds turning up just for fun to older members that are wanting to compete in a safe environment, to those members simply wanting to get fitter. It’s exciting times at the Chao Phraya Academy!

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