Black Widow Interclub

Muay Thai Interclub

Sunday 17th September 2017

At the Black Widow Martial Arts Academy


First Floor 858, Washwood Heath Road, Ward End, Birmingham B8 2NL.

Their previous events have featured around 100 bouts taking place across two boxing rings based onsite within 6 hours, through pre matched bouts. With ample seating area for spectators, changing/warm up areas for fighters and parking facilities, they always look forward to providing another great Interclub experience for all novice adult and junior fighters.


Interclub’s are fantastic events, that enables the students to improve their Muay Thai skills at their own pace. Alongside sparring sessions which are regularly held within our club to help improve participant’s techniques focusing on fighting strategies that are taught to aid the fighter when competing.

All interclub events have fight officials referee and time keeper; students are encouraged to spar in controlled safe environment learning from each other’s techniques and strategies. Trophies and certificates are awarded on the day. Everybody is welcome to support their club and fighters on the day.

Interclubs are held regularly throughout the year. Clubs from around the country are welcome to join the interclub event by sending their Club Name, Instructor and Students Name with the Students Weight, Age and Experience. We will match each person prior to the day. If anyone is interested in fighting at our next Interclub, please contact Kru Leigh ASAP.

Muay_Thai_Interclub Muay_Thai_Interclub

  • JUNIORS (Age 5-10) 10am-12pm
  • JUNIORS (Age 11-16) 12pm-2pm
  • ADULTS (Age 17+) 2pm-5pm