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Our Camp in Thailand – Lanna Muay Thai

Lanna Boxing Camp, better known in Thailand as “Kiat Busaba”, is a professional boxing camp in Thailand’s northern capital city of Chiang Mai. Owned and managed as a family concern,we have worked hard over several years together with our young Thai boxers to achieve success at the top level of competition as well as being considered one of the best Northern Muay Thai Training centres.

In the pleasant surroundings of our camp, as we train everyday, we offer the opportunity for people to train professionally and gain insight and understanding of the ancient art of Muay Thai.

Lanna Doi Modt Hill Camp

Lanna Doi Modt Hill Camp, is a unique Muay Thai mountain training experience waiting for those who have the fitness and desire for the hard work.

Situated two hours north of Chiang Mai in Mae Khachan district, the Camp sits high up on the eastern face of Doi Modt (Ant Mountain) overlooking a picturesque valley, the home of several Muser/Black Lahu villages. It is a beautiful and peaceful place where the water is clean, the air fresh and offers the perfect enviroment for focused and dedicated training in Muay Thai.

The Camp itself is isolated with a twenty minute walk up a path passing several cultivated fields to reach the Camp, forest and jungle abounds above the Camp with trails leading further up to the top of Doi Modt and beyond to many other nearby mountains.

The Camp has been build by local craftsmen from Ban (village) Doi Modt in the traditional Lahu style using wood, bamboo and strawgrass for the roofing. There is a dedicated training area with a ring, four heavy bags, and various exercise stations. A small three roomed house with shared accommodation and a kitchen, and a separate shower block. Simple but clean and comfortable surroundings, with no electricity, the showers are cold but refreshing, the food nutritious and energy giving with lots of garden fresh fruit and vegetables from the local farms.

Currently they are offering weekly courses, fully inclusive accommodation, food, and personal training with fighters who are in preparation for their next fights. The criteria for attending the Camp are a reasonable level of fitness and a desire to work hard. It will be a small and intensive group training together and participation by all is important.

In the future they are looking at longer term two week, three week and monthly courses when they have built more accommodations consisting of small cabins. Also looking to develop both the potential of our fighters and students as well as that of the land we live on in developing gardens and renewing forest.

If you are fit enough and are interested in trying out this beautiful and unique experience please email them at:

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