Muay Thai – Fights

Yokkao 23 & 24

The Next YOKKAO event in UK will take place Saturday, March 25th once again at the Macron Stadium in Bolton.

The night of YOKKAO 23 and YOKKAO 24 will host two events in one night at the price of only one ticket with some of the greatest superstars Muay Thai has to offer!




Jordan Watson Vs Sorgraw Petchyindee
Chris Shaw Vs Jake Purdy
Myk Estlick Vs Craig Coakley
Chris Whittle Vs Steward Pringle
Joe Craven Vs Harry Burton
Owen Trykowski Vs Matthew Crozier

VIDEO: Liam Harrison on fighting Rayan Mekki


Liam Harrison (c) Vs Ryan Mekki – For Yokkao 65 kg Championship
Stephen Meleady Vs Wuttichai Yokkaosaenchaigym
Amy Pirnie Vs Dakota Ditcheva
Jack Kennedy Vs Tommi McCormick
Louis Green Vs Markus Kalberg


Spencer Brown Vs Geotge Mouzakitis
William Sarwar Vs Isaac Taylor
Tamara Fallon Vs Hannah Brady
Grzegorz Vs Mike Farah
Stuart Stabler Vs Hassan Din
Charlie Simpson Vs John-Henry Careslade


Due to the huge demand from our fans tickets are going on sale NOW!
Don’t forget that our four previous events were completely sold out so don’t miss the opportunity to attend the most in demand and prestigious Muay Thai event outside Thailand. Tickets are available here >>


Extremity 4


Sunday 18th October 2015



Doors open at 4pm with Fights starting at 5pm.

Extremity 4 - Poster



VIDEOS: Thai Warriors 2


Thai Warriors 2 – Saturday 11th July 2015

Our very own Sam Hyde, Ben Howells & Viktor Kuznecovs where all victorious! With three wins and two KO’s!!

Sam Hyde (Chao Phraya) v Phil Bennett (Reaper Gym)

Ben Howells (Chao Phraya) v Callum Lawrence (Peun Taan)

Victor Kuznecovs (Chao Phraya) v Matt Taylor (Vital)

Thai Warriors 2 - Poster

Thai Warriors 2


Saturday 11th July 2015

At Leamington Spa
Our very own Ben Howells, Sam Hyde & Viktor Kuznecovs will be fighting at this event, so please support them!!

Thai Warriors 2 - Poster

Ben Howells (Chao Phraya) v Callum Lawrence (Peun Taan)

Sam Hyde (Chao Phraya) v Phil Bennett (Reaper Gym)

Victor Kuznecovs (Chao Phraya) v Matt Taylor (Vital)


Thai Warriors is a Warwickshire based Muay Thai promotion with the goal of being the leading pioneer in promoting the science of 8 limbs in the area.


Thai Warriors is a Warwickshire based Muay Thai promotion with the goal of being the leading pioneer in promoting the science of 8 limbs in the area. Be there for the debut show 6th December Leamington Spa’s first night of all out Muay Thai action!

Fight Card So Far…


Ben Lucas (Pra Chao Suua, England) vs Brian Totty (Griphouse, Scotland)

A CLASS 66kg

A slight twist to our England vs Ireland theme however, this is a fight we couldn’t resist from putting on the show. Totty the more experienced of the two, is coming off a great win over London based fighter David Tieu taking his impressive record to 21 wins 5 losses & 1 draw. He is known for his ‘Thai style’ approach and exceptional skills in the clinch, currently ranked #5 in the Welterweight division the Scot will be looking to cement his spot in the top 5 of the already very competitive weight division. Lucas goes into this fight the underdog but after facing some of the best in his weight division already he feels this is his chance to prove a point.


MACAULEY COYLE (Petchnoi Academy) vs KARL HODGERS (Louth Muay Thai)

A CLASS 57kg

Coyle the local fighter from Warwick will be looking to get back to winning ways come July 11th but the tough irishman Hodgers will be looking to make his debut fight in England one to remember. Both fighters holding fight experience in Thailand, Coyle with wins from both stadiums in Bangkok Lumpinee & Rajadamnern, Hodgers also experienced in Thailand and Australia with his last outing with Australia’s number 1. This fight promises to be one to watch on the night to see how the two contrasts of styles compete with eachother…


ROB ALLEN (Petchnoi) vs JACK DEACON (Touchgloves)

B CLASS 83kg

Our next main card fight is a battle of the Light Cruiserweights with these two hard hitters looking to take the win on the night.


Bart Tweed (Petchnoi Academy, England) vs Keith Wall (Courage Muay Thai, Ireland)

B CLASS 52.5kg

This will be an exciting bout to witness, the inactive but technically gifted Bart Tweed going head to head with Keith Wall a young up and coming fighter in the Irish MT scene.


More fights confirmed soon…



VIP Balcony (including Food) – £45




leamington assembly


Muay Thai v Kickboxing

Muay Thai v Kickboxing

Yodsanklai Showcases How to Beat a Kickboxing Opponent

One of the biggest rivalries in stand up striking is Kickboxing vs Muay Thai. Given the fact that most Kickboxers fighters don’t train with elbows, clinching, or throws, it is only a fair fight if Thai fighters fight under the Kickboxing rules. This means that in every “Kickboxing vs Muay Thai fight,” it is essentially a Kickboxer vs Muay Thai Fighter who isn’t allowed using half of his weapons.

Recently, more Thai fighters have been fighting in Kickboxing promotions, in pursuit of a bigger pay day. For Muay Thai fighters who don’t have good boxing skills, this can often result in Knockout losses.

This fight between Yodsanklai vs Marat Grigorian showcases the classic matchup of Kickboxing vs Muay Thai in a Kickboxing setting. Check out the full fight below:

Yodsanklai Fairtex vs Marat Grigorian @Kunlun Fight:

Differences in Blocking Kicks

Yodsanklai instragram

A very noticeable difference between between Kickboxing and Muay Thai is the way fighters block body kicks. Instead of using their legs to absorb the impact of the kick, Kickboxers use their arms to absorb the damage of the kick. While this does a good job of protecting the side of the body from any impact, the arm and elbow take a lot of damage from the kicks.

Repetitive kicks to the arm over time will weaken a fighters punching ability as the fight wears on. Over time a fighter will have less knockout power in the later rounds of the fight.

Yodsanklai exploits this difference against Marat Grigorian, beating his opponent with relative ease. There was no time in the fight where he was in danger from Marat, a fighter who packs a strong punch. (Marat recently Knocked out Aikpracha)

The Basics Win Fights

Right Jab Instagram

Since Yodsanklai Fairtex is a southpaw fighter, his left kick is his weapon of choice. He demonstrates that you don’t have to be fancy to win fights, you just have to be effective at what you do. Instead of throwing a variety of flashy kicks, the whole fight he smashes his left kick against his opponent who is unable to block it.

Throughout the entire fight, Yodsanklai uses 3 basic moves that win him the fight: Right Jab, Left Straight, Left Body Kick

No flashing spinning back fists, flying knees, head kicks or anything else. His opponent was not blocking his body kicks, so why would he change something that was working? Even though Yodsanklai has a lot more tools at his disposal, he knew that his opponent had a lot of knockout power in his hands.

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”

Marat’s strategy the entire fight was to come forward with aggressive punches and try and get a knockout win. While this strategy is effective against Thai fighters who lack boxing skills, it is not a winning strategy against Yodsanklai.

Yodsanklai once again showcases why he is the best Thai fighter that is currently fighting foreigners at the higher weight classes. His mix of timing, power and speed make him a tough matchup for anyone, regardless of their fighting style.


Thinking of fighting

This is a short movie taken at Daria Albers last fight at King of Kings KOK. This movie shows it’s not only about the fight. It’s the mental part, the emotions, the team and the people around you… what makes all of us, love it so much.

Thinking of fighting?

Originally posted by Sandy Holt at Bolton Muay Thai, Thinking of fighting – “What does it feel like, how high up the tree do you want to climb? When a student wants to test themselves to the max in the fight area? After all those punishing weeks, training daily, dedication, discipline both physically and mentally and torturing yourself…. This is what you fell as an individual!

Featuring Miss Daria Albers from Darnell Knoch‘s HAMMERS GYM in Germany. This gives a ‘REAL’ insight into How the last Moments before you climb into and inside those four Ropes and the very lonely square ring”!!

Thai Warriors

Thai Warriors

Thai Warriors

6th December 2014

At Leamington Spa


Sam Hyde (Chao Phraya) v Kieron Walsh (8 limbs)

Our very own Sam Hyde will be fighting at this event, so please support him!!


Thai Warriors is a Warwickshire based Muay Thai promotion with the goal of being the leading pioneer in promoting the science of 8 limbs in the area.

Thai Warriors is a Warwickshire based Muay Thai promotion with the goal of being the leading pioneer in promoting the science of 8 limbs in the area. Be there for the debut show 6th December Leamington Spa’s first night of all out Muay Thai action!


VIP Balcony (including Food) – £45




leamington assembly


Buakaw v Kehl Scandal

K-1 MAX 2014 Final – Buakaw v Kehl

Buakaw Banchamek vs Enriko Kehl

Organisers of scandal-tainted K-1 Max wait to hear from Buakaw

On Sunday morning (October 12), a message posted on Banchamek Gym’s Facebook page said: “I apologise for making my supporters puzzled. You’ll soon understand me.”

Organizers of the scandal-tainted K-1 Max mixed-martial arts tournament are waiting to hear from two-time champ Sombat “Buakaw” Banchamek before deciding whether to sue him for walking out of Saturday’s…

Buakaw v Kehl

Muay Thai superstar Sombat “Buakaw” Banchamek battles WBC third-ranked Enriko Kehl of Germany in Saturday’s K-1 Max Final in Pattaya. Buakaw forfeited the bout when he refused to appear for a fourth deciding…

Buakaw, 31, forfeited Saturday night’s fight in Pattaya when he disappeared without explanation from the ring following the third of three scheduled rounds. Despite Buakaw widely seen as having the fight against World Boxing Council third-ranked Enriko Kehl of Germany, judges ruled the bout a draw and ordered a fourth “sudden death” round.

By then, Buakaw had left Eastern National Indoor Sports Stadium and was disqualified. By forfeiting, the missed the opportunity to become the first three-time K-1 Max champion and the 22-year-old German was crowned the new champ in the 70-kilogramme division amid boos and jeers from the crowd.

Mr Kurarc said the K-1 team was surprised by Buakaw’s disappearance and did not know the reason why he left.

“We want to hear from Buakaw the real reason he left and thoroughly investigate the case, so there is no legal action at the moment,” he said. “We will wait for Buakaw to contact us. Otherwise we will try to contact his manager.”

The Thai fighter, who has not spoken to the media, has scheduled a press conference for Tuesday afternoon at his Banchamek Gym. In the meantime, a message regarding the controversy was posted posted to the Banchamek Gym Facebook page.

“Buakaw refused to return to the K-1 ring because the rules had been changed just a few hours before the fight,” the statement claimed. It added that the changed rules banned one of Buakaw’s signature in an attempt to make the fight – in which the Thai fighter was favoured heavily – more even.

Buakaw’s gym claimed the rule change was made due to the influence of international online-gambling websites.

“There was an effort to make the fight more even because the stakes were high,” the statement said. “K-1 isn’t a legal sport and there’s not one professional sport organisation in Thailand that authorises from (South Korea) to hold it here. How did the foreign mafia come and organise worldwide sports betting in Thailand? Who should take responsible for this?”

Originally scheduled for July 26, but delayed due to the May 22 military coup, the K-1 finals were being held for the first time in Thailand. It is run by the private K-1 organisation, which hosts fights similar to Muay Thai boxing. However, the bouts use different rules and point systems and fewer moves are allowed, leading aficionados to call K-1 a “watered down” version of Thai boxing.

Buakaw won the title in 2004 and 2008. The two previously fought at Max World Champions, held in Khon Kaen on Dec 10. The Thai fighter won by unanimous decision.

Mr Kurarc insisted the rules of Saturday’s fight were the same used since Buakaw won his first title in 2004. By walking out of the bout, the Thai fighter breached his contract with K-1 Global Holdings, which Mr Kurarc said runs through September next year. He said Buakaw was paid in full Sept 22.

K-1 has seen its standing among fight fans drop precipitously in recent years amid allegations of widespread match-fixing. According to Thai media reports, Buakaw forfeited the fight the final also was “rigged.”

The fighter reportedly went to a police station last Tuesday to file a complaint about online gambling in connection with the upcoming finals.

K-1 MAX 2014 Final : Buakaw Banchamek vs Enriko Kehl


Muay thai legend Buakaw breaks silence on walkout

baukaw v khel

K-1 fighter suggests rule changes overshadowed his title fight

Controversial fighter Buakaw Banchamek yesterday defended his decision to walk out of his title fight on Saturday, saying he preferred to let the audience decide the bout’s outcome rather than the judges.

The 32-year-old’s latest antics stunned viewers when he abruptly left the ring after the regulation three-round bout against Germany’s Enriko Kehl for the K-1 under-70kg championship ended in a draw.

As a result of his vanishing act, the German was handed the title, to the bewilderment of the crowd at the Indoor Athletic Gymnasium in Pattaya.

On Monday, organisers K-1 Global Holdings told a press conference that they were hoping to hold talks to clear the air with the two-time champion, before deciding whether or not to sue the Thai for breach of contract.

Buakaw, no stranger to controversy, publicly commented on the incident for the first time yesterday when he met the media at his Banchamek gym, stressing several times that he did not want the judges to rule on the outcome of the controversial bout.

“I don’t want the [judges’] verdict on the bout. I wanted the audience to decide it for themselves. I prefer not to let the officials judge me.

“It was my own decision [not to continue the fight]. My manager and my team knew nothing about it. I did what I believed my fans and supporters would understand,” said Buakaw.

The Surin native, who made his debut in the muay thai K-1 code a decade ago, insisted he had no intention of breaching his contract and was grateful to a sport that had catapulted him to fame.

Deliberately breaching the contract “never crossed my mind. I’m fully committed to the contract. They had my respect because people knew me from K-1.”

The Thai boxer hinted at feeling unease with a change of rules prior to Saturday’s fight, saying he had no choice but to abide by it.

“I accepted the rules set by the K-1 committee. They spoke in English but I’m not sure whether my translation was correct or not.

“Since I began fighting in K-1 in 2004, they have banned the use of the elbow but allowed the fighters to use the knee. I knocked out a Japanese opponent with my knee before I went on to win the championship in my first year in sport.

“Then they changed the rules, placing restrictions on the use of the knee. They let a boxer hold his opponent before landing the knee just once per fight. More than that could result in disqualification.

“I knew there was a management change in the K-1 organisation. I’m not sure whether that had something to do with the sudden change in the rules or not.

“I have no idea whether the rule changes were made in order to improve the standard or for a different purpose. Officials asked me during the pre-fight briefing whether I had any questions. I just waved my hands to signal ‘no’. I was looking to box as usual.”

Buakaw did open the door for talks with K-1 officials to find a solution to the walkout. He said he would look at whether he still had a contract with K-1 before starting any talks.


Favourite Muay Thai Fights

Favourite Muay Thai Fights

Artur Kyshenko vs Yodsanklai Fairtex Rumble of the Kings 2011

Yodsanklai Fairtex is currently on a 13 fight winning streak, he has not lost since November of 2011. The last man to defeat the Thai legend was Ukraine’s Artur Kyshenko. The pair fought on Rumble of the Kings in an exciting back and forth fight.

For fans who are used to seeing Yodsanklai dominate, they will definitely not see that in this bout. He seemed to be hurt a few times, but was able to survive and then return fire to Kyshenko. Sit back and enjoy the fight. This was definitely one of the bigger wins in Artur Kyshenko’s career as a sound game plan showed he could hang with a legend like Yodsanklai.

Sam Hyde – First Pro Fight

Sam Hyde (58kg) v Pok Steele (62kg)

Some photo’s from Sam’s first professional Muay Thai Fight at the Kings Bromley Thai British Summer Fair 2014.



10660305_10152342369741593_37370491722404663_n 10660290_10152342372771593_7211620911357275280_n 10660202_10152342374606593_90922746260972690_n 10653409_10152342370841593_4155940373291539813_n 10653340_10152342372566593_4468509827857804547_n 10649584_10152342370486593_9181032819916148794_n 10646718_10152342372191593_4730205206613448818_n 10645252_10152342374866593_5397110047581855050_n 10644867_10152342380146593_7153760950717523311_n 10641179_10152342379786593_5180931338005404232_n 10635958_10152342373506593_3038516569469706308_n 10632879_10152342377931593_6071333008000646766_n 10629754_10152342373191593_507087772074330315_n 10625028_10152342371866593_8364561626478139911_n 10620566_10152342373306593_2712646033422319344_n 10616305_10152342371456593_6429335216698882199_n 10615962_10152342373076593_7046847718654579432_n 10614175_10152342370616593_8130759876157341270_n 10606610_10152342370216593_6409478657514783935_n 10593217_10152342381096593_7740344322712133390_n 10590695_10152342371011593_1326780175614275817_n 10580182_10152342371211593_8441040559557748478_n 10577109_10152342371801593_9110339963044170902_n 10518986_10152342378521593_4165695708159653752_n 10471316_10152342372731593_5797077940172112449_n 10455991_10152342381361593_1703333883950047336_n 10441054_10152342370371593_6848929664526998750_n 10427298_10152342370721593_2204113626967971330_n 10413322_10152342371706593_4857748653090660995_n 10411259_10152342370076593_5330930926229709962_n 10403539_10152342379761593_7059274576588179185_n 10394513_10152342370261593_3771127771026890455_n 10387460_10152342381586593_4548228378455779686_n 10382717_10152342371331593_2303350068458032520_n 10373678_10152342372366593_6567528453250439281_n 1486863_10152342379016593_4920313965063275289_n 1453419_10152342375856593_4066859083811830103_n 996144_10152342376131593_3074995683499516967_n

Thai Boxing Charity Match

Thai Boxing Charity Match

Bank Holiday Monday 25th August 2014

In conjunction with the Wat Mahathat Summer Festival

Kings Bromley Showground, Crawley Lane, Kings Bromley, Nr Burton-on-Trent, Staffordshire. DE13 7JF

All proceeds will be donated to the Orphanages in Thailand and the Thai Temple.


Fight card

(Subject to confirmation & changes)

35kg Dylan Hill, Riches Gym vs Stoke Thaiboxi…ng,
58kg Pok Steele, Stoke Thaiboxing vs Sam Hyde, Chao Phraya Lincoln
75kg Michal Srzpulski, 8 Limbs Muay Thai vs Ahtef Saddiq, OMAA,
60kg Aman Maan, Firewalkers vs Sandra Delpech, KO Gym
C Class:
53-54kg Bart Tweed, Liams Gym vs Suki Singh, Firewalkers,
65kg Luke Iwankiw, Chao Phraya Lincoln vs Jeet Steele, Stoke Thaiboxing,
70kg Bradley Townley, Firewalkers vs Gurprem Daudhaur, OMAA
74kg Ryan Davidson, Richies Gym vs Kieron Hussain, OMAA

Currently looking for fighters to match the following:
Novice 65-68kg 0F
Novice 94kg 0F
C Class 64kg 5F; 65-70 various experiences; 72-88kg various experiences
Female fighters: 52kg Novice or 1st C Class; 55kg 3F & 70kg 6F

If anyone knows of any fighters still interested to compete at this Charity Boxing Fight please contact:

Christine on 07734 053522 or email:
ParnPetch Rirom on 07511 642168 or send messages to us both on Facebook.

Thank you…





SUNDAY 22nd JUNE 2014


Doors open at 3pm – Fights start at 4pm


Tower Ballroom, Birmingham

Chao Phraya’s very own…

Luke Iwankiw v Charafeddine Allioui (64kg)

Tear up at the tower 4

TEAR UP AT THE TOWER – As usual they will have a fantastic line up of fights in the best venue of it’s size in the UK!!


More information and full fight card coming soon…


ADULTS – £25
Please see Luke at the club for tickets.





The Main Event Arena Tour

The Main Event Arena Tour

7th June 2014

the main event manchester

The Main Event Muay Thai.
No imitations. No resurrections.
The best Muay Thai show in the U.K.


65kg A Class

Liam Harrison (Bad Company, Leeds)
Greg Wootton (KO gym, London)

Harrison v Wooton

This bout pits two of the stand out names in U.K. Muay Thai against one another in a fight that has been on the cards for a long time. KO’s superstar Wootton boasts a record of 28 wins from 30 fights and is known for his amazing technical ability and slick fighting style. He has beaten the who’s who of Muay Thai names in the U.K including Panicos Yusuf, Paul Karpowicz and Luke Turner and is the current WMC MAD World Title holder. Other notable scalps for the Londoner include wins over Thai champion Prathet Sor Thanikul and World champion Andre Kotsur. In addition to his impressive collection of Muay Thai wins, he has also competed several times under kickboxing rules and recently picked up the Enfusion World strap. Harrison is coming off the back of a brilliant win over Frenchman Dylan Salvador on The Main Event earlier this month and has a busy start to 2014 planned. With more than 90 fights on his record he has long been considered one of the very best fighters on the planet, competing at the highest level for many years. He holds wins over countless Thai champions and recorded a spectacular win over Andrei Kulebin on our first The Main Event show in 2012, stopping the Belarussian in 3 rounds.

67kg A Class

Reece Mccallister (Phoenix, Country Durham)
Brad Stanton (Kiatphontip, Leeds)

Mccallister vs Stanton

Both these young fighters are hot property in the Muay Thai world and have been demolishing all opponents in their way for some time now. Current UK number 1 Mccallister has a wealth of junior experience behind him and lived in Thailand for a period where he fought more than a dozen times. With a hugely impressive record of 44 wins from 50 professional contests, he is rightly seen as one of the most special talents the UK has produced in recent years. In his last fight he put on a Muay Thai masterclass against former UK number 1 Tim Thomas, dethroning the man from Bedford with a wide points victory and with an amazing display that left the fans begging for more. Stanton has been making huge waves on the UK Muay Thai scene, has been tipped as a future star of the sport from the very beginning of his career, and is undoubtedly the biggest threat to Reece’s number one spot. His aggressive fighting style has seen him make light work of numerous high calibre opponents in the past 12 months including Josh Palmer, Adrian Wedolowski and Sam Omomogbe, on route to securing the #4 position he currently holds in the rankings. His record reads 23 fights with 21 wins and only 2 losses. Both these athletes have an exciting fighting style, backed up by the confidence of youth, with the skill to support.

61.5kg A Class

Darren O’Connor (Thai Style, Liverpool)
Panicos Yusuf (All Powers, Stockport)

O’Connor v Yusuf

This fight sees U.K. ranked #2 Panicos challenge the current number 1 to determine who is the best lightweight in the U.K. This is a bout that the fans have wanted for some time and is a fantastic addition to The Main Event bill. Darren holds both the ISKA British and ISKA European titles and has beaten many of the top names in the U.K. including Keith Mclachlan, Jonno Chipchase and Paul Karpowicz, as well as recording wins over Thai and European opposition. He recently spent 6 months training in Thailand and fought several times in the stadiums during his stay there. On his return to England he took on the Spanish lightweight champion, a fight he controlled well, and emerged with a comfortable points win. His record currently reads 22 wins, 9 losses and 1 draw. Panicos featured on our The Main Event show on 2nd November 2013, beating Scotland’s rising star Chris Shaw in a highly anticipated fight. He is regarded as one of the best fighters in Europe and has proven his talent on countless occasions, with wins over Ireland’s Josh Palmer and Thai champion Prathet Sor Thanikul on his impressive record. He is the current WRSA European champion and has been seeking the opportunity to challenge for the U.K. number 1 spot for some time. This is a real 50/50 fight between the two biggest names in the division and could go either way!

60kg A class

Andrew Lofthouse (Evolve, Manchester)
Keith Mclachlan (Griphouse, Scotland)

Lofthouse v Mclachlan

This fight features the fighter who, many would say, stole the show on our last event. Last years “break out” fighter Andrew Lofthouse finished an impressive 2013, which included wins over Brian Totty, Ross George and Adam Lee Mason, with an outstanding, fight of the night performance on November’s The Main Event. The unorthodox and entertaining Lofthouse will face off against the Keith Mclachlan, UK’s #1 ranked fighter at 59kg, in a catch weight contest matched at 60kg. Tough as Teak Mclachlan is a fighter who can be likened to a good wine – gets better with age. Keith brings a wealth of experience to the table with 23 fights on his record and has fought many top names over the past few years such as Darren O’connor, Ste Meleady and Oron Deachkalon, who many thought he was unlucky to lose to in the final of a Super 8 tournament. He holds wins over wins over Stevie Brown, Carl Copestake and former Thai champion Rung.

Another “call em” fight, it once again underlines our mission to bring together the very best fighters out there and provide a spectacle few can match.

85kg A class

Carlos DeGraca (Bolton Muay Thai)
Darren Howeison (Headhunters MMA, Scotland)

DeGraca v Howeison

This is a fight which can have only one description – Knock Out! Between them these lads have won 85% of their fights inside the distance. UK number one, unbeaten Carlos Degraca, follows his impressive 5th round stoppage of David Sa on The Main Event in November by defending his UK number 1 spot against hard-hitting Scotsman Darren Howeison. DeGraca’s performance against Sa brought him plaudits from many respected figures within the sport and took his unbeaten record to 10-0-1, with 8 of those coming by way of knockout. With his devastating knockout power and explosive style, he is the man to beat in the cruiserweight division in the UK. On current form, 6ft 6” Howeison is one of the most dangerous 85kg fighters on the circuit and has racked up a perfect record of 9 straight wins, all inside the distance, picking up a Scottish title in the process. Currently sitting 3rd in the UK rankings, he will be looking to extend his perfect record and knock Carlos off the top spot, with future European opportunities on the horizon… With 17 combined stoppages in their 20 bouts, this fight is guaranteed to be brutally action packed and explosive – while it lasts. Very much a ‘don’t blink’ match, one thing is for certain… someone’s ‘0’ has got to go!

71kg K1 rules

Chad Sugden (Suggy’s Gym, Newark)
Nathan Epps (K-Star, Birmingham)

Sugden v Epps

This bout sees two of the brightest stars on the UK kickboxing stage face off against each other in a fight that has been in the making for over a year. With an amateur record spanning over 100 fights, Sugden made his professional debut on The Main Event in 2012, taking a hard fought win over Joe Roberts. Since then he has gone on to win 11 of his 12 professional contests, beating high profile opponents Ryan Edmunson, Salah Abdulsalem and Costel Paniscuis, and picking up the ISKA oriental rules World Title in the process. Epps boasts a superb record of 32 wins from 40 fights and is currently on a 13-fight winning streak. A busy 2013 saw him record stoppage wins over WBC National Champion Mike Egan and Ireland’s Jonno Bracken, as well as a comfortable points win over foreign opposition on his hometown show in September. In October 2012 Epps and Sugden both competed in an 8-Man Tournament in Warrington, with Epps defeating Brad Stanton and Kerrith Bhella in his first two matches while Sugden secured his place in the final with victories over Solomon Wickstead and Peter Tiarks. Injured in the semi-final, Epps was forced to withdraw in favour of Bhella, whom Sugden went on to beat convincingly on points for the title and the purse. Finally these two will meet in what is set to be an explosive fight over three rounds.

65kg B Class

Danny Horton (Majestic Gym, Wigan)
Ste Wain (Goldenteam, Leeds)

Horton v Wain

Both these lads are real bangers and we are very pleased to have secured such a quality fight for The Main Event to support our headlining bouts. Danny (9w 5L) is coming off a very close loss to number 4 ranked Mikey Wiseman last month on The Main Event and is keen to get back to winning ways. Standing in his way is the man from Leeds (6w 3L) who will be looking to make a statement and end this fight as soon as possible, with opportunities in the pipeline for the winner..

Visit their website:

Facebook Page:

Tickets available here:


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Muay Thai Fight World Battle 2014

Superstars from the world of Muay Thai will return to King Power Stadium on Monday 5 May as THAI FIGHT WORLD BATTLE 2014 comes to Leicester City.

In a spectacular celebration of Thai sporting culture to follow the overwhelming success of a sell-out THAI FIGHT EXTREME event in 2012, world-renowned Muay Thai exponents such as Sudsakorn Sor Klinmee and Antoine Pinto will be competing in a series of seven explosive fights.


Leicester City Football Club Chairman Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha will be present to welcome thousands of fight fans to the exciting exhibition of elite fighters, which is being broadcast live on Channel 3 in Thailand.
The crowd will then be treated to a stunning celebration of Thailand’s national sport of Muay Thai– a discipline that requires a phenomenal level of technical ability and has become one of the most popular martial arts in the world.
Combining striking with the hands, feet, knees and elbows, as well as the incorporation of a host of sophisticated defensive techniques, Muay Thai fights offer up a wonderfully entertaining spectacle of technical excellence.
All this means tickets are expected to be snapped up quickly by fight fans from around the UK and Europe, so make sure you book yours soon to avoid disappointment.
The event will take place in a purpose-built facility in the grounds of King Power Stadium, which similarly to the 2012 event, will house around 4,000 people, and will run for three action-packed hours from 4.45pm.
Among the elite-level fighters competing on the night will be:
Tickets are now on sale for the event, priced between £15 and £45, and are available either online at, from the City Fanstore at King Power Stadium or by calling the Sales Centre on 0844 815 5000 (option 1). Tickets priced at £15 will be situated in the back three rows of blocks B and C.

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Muay Thai – Stop fighting in the last round?!

“Why do they stop fighting and just walk around in the last round?”

Those of you who have been to see a fight in Thailand or have watched one on the internet will notice they often fight a little different to how we do in the west.

Muay Thai last round

To a lot of people this could seem very pointless and in the west could potentially put people off coming to the shows. They have after all paid to see a fight and want to see both parties giving it their all.

However, this isn’t a western sport remember and over the years gambling has played a huge part in how the game is played in Thailand.

More often than not the first two rounds are a feeling out process, so not much really happens. Also on some occasions the boxers are told to take it steady as they are trying to get the betting in the favour of their opponent, making the odds better for themselves.

Round three is generally where the fight will really begin and both boxers are really trying to take the advantage.

The fourth as I’ve always been told is the unofficial money round. If you can win this big then the fight is yours.

Now we come to the round in question.

If the fight has been very close in the third and fourth then the fifth will be fought at the same intensity as the last two rounds.

However, if one boxer is clearly in the lead then he will be told to stay back from his opponent so as to not let the victory slip out of his hands.

This advice will come from his corner and from the gamblers who have money on him to win. This can become very annoying when you’re trying to listen to your corner and you have random people coming up and shouting at you in a language that you barely understand.

His opponent will possibly try and go for him for about the first minute of the round; if he has no success then he will back off.

Often at this point the boxer in the lead will offer his glove to his opponent, asking him to acknowledge defeat.

Here you will usually get the losing boxer accepting defeat and not going for broke to try and change the fight around. While the winning boxer knowing he has won agrees not to beat up on his opponent anymore.

This is a very different mind set to fighters in the west; over here the losing boxer will still fight until the bitter end as a knockout could change everything. Likewise, the winning boxer will still be trying to KO his opponent even though he is already sure of his victory.

To be honest the gambling is slowly killing Muay Thai in Thailand as the gamblers have so much power now in the big stadiums.

If you have watched many of the videos that I have posted up from what is classed as the golden era of Muay Thai (90’s) you will have noticed how packed the stadiums were back then.

Nowadays it is rare that you will see the likes of Lumpinee or Rajadamnern filled to that capacity because of how the game is so heavily influenced.

Out in the provinces though, Muay Thai is still popular with big crowds coming to watch and enjoying the fights. Muay Thai is also growing around the rest of the world with the standard getting better all of the time and so many fighters spending long stints in Thailand.


Banchamek Promotions (April 2014)

Banchamek Promotions

Fight Videos

Buakaw & Victor Face off at weigh in. Pic from Warriors of the Mongkong

Buakaw & Victor Face off at weigh in…

There seems to be a new kid on the Muaythai block in Thailand and he is doing things a bit different to what we have become accustomed to with Thai Fight. Combat Banchamek is a new promotion by Buakaw Banchamek; he also fights on the card.What is different in these fights to Thai Fight, is the they are afr more evenly matched bouts, instead of the usual Thai being far superior in ability and experience to his western opponent. There were many awesome match ups in their first promotion and I am excited to see what else they have have in store for us in the coming months. Apparently Buakaw did all the match making himself, which is interesting as he chose to take on Muay Guy friend Victor Ngabe who is coming of  a recent KO victory of Kem Sitsongpeenong. Enjoy the fights and results below.

Fight Results:

Andre Kulebin def. Yang Zhou via Unanimous Decision (Points)
Chao Chao def. Flo Singpatong via Unanimous Decision
Rungravee Sasiprapa vs Mathius Sitsongpeenong Draw
Saencahi def. Kamen Picken via Unanimous Decision
Buakaw Banchamek def. Victor Nagbe via Unanimous Decision

Andre Kulebin VS Yang Zhou

Chao Chao VS Flo Singpatong

Rungravee Sasiprapa VS Mathius Sitsongpeenong

Saencahi VS Kamen Picken

Buakaw Banchamek VS Victor Nagbe

Source: LiveMuaythaiGuy

How To Prepare for a fight

Muay Thai Fighting Tips – How To Prepare for a fight

How To Warm Up & Mentally Prepare For A Muay Thai Fight

You get to the arena a few hours early, shake hands with a few people, and then you are guided to your locker room by the event staff. As you make your way to your locker room, that feeling really starts to really settle in.

You know that feeling I’m talking about, right?

The feeling of excitement, anxiety and nervousness all wrapped into one. The feeling that you’re about to test your physical and mental limitations in front of a roaring crowd. The feeling of relief because fight night is finally here!

Are you ready?

The Locker Room – Muay Thai Fighting Tips

The locker room before a fight is a very unique, one-of-a-kind place. After you’ve had a few fights, you begin to notice all the same familiar smells, noises and feelings.

You see your opponent and other fighters as they head to their respective locker rooms.
You smell the nostalgic aroma of thai oil as it’s massaged on every part of your body.
You hear the smack of thai pads as other fighters get loose for their fights.
You feel your heart beating a little bit faster as you get your hands wrapped by your kru.
You start envision and taste victory.

To ensure a glorious victory, there is a lot of hard work that goes into a fight camp. Obviously the weeks and months of sharpening your technique and improving your conditioning are super important, but the 30-45 minutes before you step into that ring is just as important as any single moment during your training camp.

If you are not warmed up properly before a fight you could:

  • Get injured since your muscles are still tight and lethargic.
  • Burn out and feel fatigued because you warmed up for too long.
  • Misjudge your opponents timing and attacks.
  • Overwhelm yourself with self-doubt and worry.

I assume you don’t want any of that to happen, right? Then follow these simple Muay Thai Fighting tips that will help you with your pre-fight preparation and get you physically and mentally ready for the fight of your life!

7  Muay Thai Fighting Tips For Pre-Fight Preparation

1. Practice your warm-up when you train

The warm-up you do before a training session should be almost identical to the warm-up you do before a fight. Not only will this help you get your body ready for the fight, but you won’t have to over think anything because you’ll be comfortable with the routine.

That being said, make sure your warm-up before a training session isn’t rushed and done mindlessly. If you plan on taking this sport seriously, you should plan on taking your warm-up seriously. Whether it’s skipping rope, shadowboxing, hitting the heavy bag, using the foam roller or whatever, it’s important to get your body loose, your mind focused, and your blood flowing.

It’s important to create a warm-up that gets you prepared for both a training session or a title fight. Every part of your body needs to be loose and ready for war. Once you get into a comfortable warm up routine, your body and mind will be a comfortable place and be more than ready for the intensity of a fight.

2. Find your “happy” place

Some people listen to music, while others sit in silence and meditate. Some people like to yell and scream to pump themselves up, while others like to laugh and relax with their team.

Whatever you do, find a way to keep your mind calm, relaxed and focused.

If you are one of the first fights on the card, then you won’t have as much time to relax. If you are one of the last fights, then you want to conserve your energy and only start to really get pumped up a couple fights before you’re on.

I’ve experimented and gone through many different stages of how I act before a fight. I’ve tried to laugh and be silly. I’ve tried being a complete dick and not talking to anyone. I’ve tried listening to Rocky music. I’ve tried a lot of shit.

After more than 20 fights, I’ve come to realize that as the fight gets closer and closer, I get quieter and quieter. I turn off all my emotion and just think about how I’m going to hurt my opponent. I don’t need any music. I don’t need anyone yelling in my face. I just need time to myself.

Just like with most things, being able to find your “happy” place will take plenty of experience before you truly begin to understand how your mind works before a fight. Be open-minded in terms of experimenting with different ways to psych yourself up before a fight, especially early on in you amateur career when you are still getting used to the fight scene.

3. Make it a routine

I find it very useful to have some type of routine whenever I fight. This stops me from thinking too much or worrying about what I have to do to get ready. If I have a set routine that I like and am comfortable with, I will be much more stress-free and focused when I make the walk to the ring.

Typically my warm-up routine looks something like this:

  • Get to the arena, find the locker room and put my stuff down.
  • Go to the ring, visualize the crowd around it and visualize my fight.
  • Walk back to the locker room and rest until the rules meeting.
  • After the rules meeting, listen to some music.
  • About 4 – 5 fights before, get my hands wrapped and signed off on.
  • Get my entire body massaged with thai liniment.
  • Start light shadowboxing and visualizing my game plan.
  • Hit thai pads lightly for 1-2 minute intervals with my trainer, with short 1-2 minute breaks.
  • With about 1-2 fights before my fight, pick up the intensity and power in my strikes. Mix in some light sparring and clinching with my kru or training partner to get a feel for the fight.
  • Put my mongkon on, stay loose by hopping around and shadowboxing, then make my way to the ring.

Now since I know what to expect before almost every fight, I don’t stress out nearly as much as I used to. I used go be anxious and amped up before I even got to the arena, but now, since I have a set routine, I’m much more in control of my thoughts and emotions than I was before.

4. Have knowledgeable, trustworthy cornermen

Having someone you know and trust in your corner can make the difference between winning and losing. Not only should they know the technical advice to give you between rounds, but they should also know how to get you zoned in during your warm up.

Talk through you game plan with your cornerman and let them know if you have any preference of how to be cornered (stand or sit between rounds, deep breaths before advice, motivational sayings etc.). It’s super important that you are on the same page as your cornermen, otherwise it can lead to confusion, anxiety and over thinking too much… which can be dangerous in the context of a fight.

Not only should your cornermen be on the same page as you, but they should know how to wrap your hands right too! I don’t know about you, but I punch a shit load, so having my hands wrapped properly is super important to me. Even if you’re not a heavy puncher, it’s vital to protect your hands so they don’t get injured.

5. Know what number you are fighting

Are you first or last?

If you are one of the first fights up, it’s important to get right into your routine pretty quickly. Make sure you keep in mind any intermissions and how long each of the fights are scheduled for. Also make sure to be prepared for any of the fights before you to end quickly!

If you are near the end of the card, relax. Maybe eat a banana and listen to some music, or talk with your team to keep your mind busy. Typically, I start to get ready about 4-5 fights before I’m on, but it’s up to you to find out what timing works best for you.

6. Be aware of your thoughts

Negative thoughts, self-doubt will pop up. It’s all good though!

I’m constantly thinking to myself “why did I sign up for this” or “no one is making you do this Sean”, but if those thoughts didn’t come across my mind, then I know something is wrong.

These thoughts are healthy and not abnormal by any means. The best way to deal with them is to be aware of them, but let them pass. Constantly be using positive self-talk and reminding yourself how much of a badass you are.

Remind yourself of how hard you worked to be where you are today.
Remind yourself that you put way too much time and effort to start doubting yourself now. Remind yourself, once you get in the ring, your training and instincts will take over.

Being in control of your mind is one of the most difficult things to do, especially when you’re about to step into the ring for a Muay Thai fight. Just remember, the only way to get better at dealing with these thoughts and emotions is with experience.

7. Make a list of stuff to pack

It can really fuck you up if you forget your cup or mouth guard, so don’t let it happen. Don’t be that guy who has to borrow someone else’s cup… that’s gross. To avoid this, make a list of everything you need for before and after the fight. Here is what I normally pack for fight night:

  • thai shorts (2 pairs because I need to make sure I’m matching whatever corner I’m in)
  • steel cup
  • mouthguard
  • thai liniment
  • extra pair of clothes for afterwards
  • phone, wallet, keys
  • headphones
  • snacks (trail mix, banana)
  • water
  • ibuprofen/aspirin

Also make sure that your corner is bringing the tape, gauze, scissors and all other necessary supplies to wrap up prior to stepping into the ring.

It might seem a lot goes into warming up before a fight… that’s because there is!

You have to be as prepared as possible is fight night, no excuses. If you half-ass your warm-up and go in the ring without a focused mind or loose body, chances are much more likely that you will get knocked the fuck out.

Like I said earlier, it takes time to get a solid warm-up routine down before you figure out what works best. If you are just starting out or still in your amateur career, it’s not the worst thing to experiment with different warm-ups and see what works best for you. Once you are further along your ammy career or become a pro, the last thing you’ll want to do is mess with your mojo.

Are you as obsessive about having a good warm-up before a fight as I am?

What other ways do you get physically and mentally prepared to step into the ring?





Sunday, 24 November 2013
12noon – 17:00pm

Kiatphontip promotions are proud to announce an afternoon of championship muay thai boxing at the Hilton Hotel in Leeds. Doors open 12pm first fight at 1pm.

Tickets available at £27 each from: James Bowen at



1. Brad Stanton (Kiatphontip Gym) v Josh Palmer (Urban Kings) 67KG FTR
2. Sebastian Fraczyk (Beastmasters) v Pindi Madahar (TMA) 71KG
3. Tim Nutter (Kiatphontip) v Adrian Crookendale (Singdyat) 60KG FTR


4. Kieron Jessop (Golden Team) v Harry Burton (Stoke) 64KG
5. Helen Wilson (Headhunters) v Jacqui Boggart (Northern Spirit) 56KG
6. Adam Holdsworth (Kiatphontip) v Jacob Smith (Thai Fist) 58KG
7. Gary Laws (Northern Kings) V Brad Exley (Tobins) 60KG
8. Patrick Simpson (Kiatphontip) v Jack Maguire (Chaiyo) 63KG
9. Hayley Fox (Hanuman) v Laura Baugh (Mersey Thai) 55KG

Junior Northern Area Title

10. Shane Farquharson (Kiatphontip) v Dalton Little (Bradford Pro) 57KG
11. Lucy Horrobin (Hard knocks) v Jo Clemens (Ko Kickboxing)
12. Ruairi Crossan (Northern Kings) v Michael Dziuda (Bradford Pro) 78KG
13. Penny Bel (Kiatphontip) v Debbie Thwaite (MFKB) 53KG
14.Tristan Dickson (Big Kat) v James Bowen (Chao Phraya) 71KG
15. Chloe Moore (Kiatphontip) v Claire Clements (The Factory) 70kg
16. Kyron Miller (Hanuman) v Harry Collier (Mersey Thai) 60KG

View Larger Map

Tear up at the tower 3


Could this be the biggest K-Star show of the year? ‘Tear Up At The Tower 3’ on 1st December is looking awesome, here some of the first few fights to be announced.

tear up at the tower

Reece who had an outstanding junior career, has just taken former World Champion Dan McGowan the distance. After the fight Dan said that Reece ‘is by far the toughest lad I’ve ever fought and took it to me up until the final bell’. Which is an amazing statement from a former World champion who has been competing regularly in the stadiums in Thailand!

Reece himself is just back from an extended stay in Thailand where he also had a couple of fights, this really will be a tough challenge for Adrian. Adrian who has been plagued by pullouts over the years had a good start to the second half of the year with 2 wins in a row, but was once again left without an opponent for Tear Up 2 when his planned opponent Gurpreet Swali had to pull out due to injury, hopefully this will be 3 wins in a row on 1st December at the Tower Ballroom in Birmingham.

Nathan Epps K-Star v Michal Kosik from Slovakia
Nathan Takes on strong Slovakian fighter Michal Kosik under K1 rules. Local star Nathan’s exciting all action style has made him a big favourite of the fans, but this will be another big International challenge for him.

FROM: Tear Up At The Tower 2 – Nathan Epps v Adam Laassel

Mike Long Master Chana v Jersey Pinto Tsnamai gym
Another amazing A class bout lined up is Mike Long vs Jersey Pinto.
Mike who is trained by Master Chana hasn’t had the experience his opponent has but makes up for it in talent. He’s a young up and coming fighter with a style that gets the purists mouth’s watering and finger’s pointing. Tsunamai’s Jersey Pinto won the ISKA British title last year in a torrid battle against Rafal Gorka. He’s strong and durable and hits hard. The two styles should make this one a thriller.

Mark Timms K-Star v Phil Burke Leeds
Mark Timms from K-star will be having his first A class bout against Phil from Leeds. Burke is a very experienced fighter that has fought in many different weight divisions and also took on the talented K-star fighter Dan Edwards when not many others would. His skills acquired through entering the ring numerous times should be a massive challenge for Mark Timms. Mark last fought in October pulling off a draw with Juan Cervantes at Tear up at the Tower 2. It was a tough match that went five solid rounds and one the crowd overly enjoyed.

FROM: Tear Up At The Tower 2 – Mark Timms v Juan Cervantez

Steve Kent v Kobda Mia
Good novice match up.

Jon Bell v Simon Delaney

Jon Bell Choa Phraya v Simon Delaney Evolution gym
Jon Bell from Choa Phraya will be making his pro debut against Simon Delaney from Evolution gym. Delaney is coming off a loss and will be looking to even out his record with his second pro fight. A good Midlands match up.

Corey Phillips K-Star v Danny Hendle
Corey Phillips from K-star and Danny Hendle will go head to head once again in Birmingham almost one year to the day. The last time they fought it was a close fight with Hendle getting the nod. Both lads put in such a good performance people were talking about a rematch before the fight had even ended. Hendle is a dangerous and experienced boxer, having fought and trained in Thailand on several occasions. He’s strong fast and knows his way around the ring. Since they met Corey has been racking up some good wins, stopping George Jarvis in the final of the Super League to pick up the title and also taking Ben Campbell’s British Celtic title in fantastic fashion. Two young, hungry lads and stars of the future!

Tickets available for Jon Bell or Shaun Bolland at (£30 each) – They have already sold 50% so it will be first come first served.

The New ISKA European Champion

The New ISKA European Champion…

…Chao Phraya’s very own Leigh Edlin!!

Leigh Edlin v Michele Botezatu 3
Leigh Edlin ISKA Europen Champion
ISKA European Champion Leigh Edlin with his Chao Phraya Team of: Ajarn Parnpetch, Kru Yai Shaun Boland, Darren McFaul, Andy Thomson & Isaac Edlin.

This has been a very long journey for Lincoln’s most successful Thai Boxer, Leigh Edlin. Becoming the new European Champion is no easy feat, in fact it has taken over 4 month’s to organise and 4 months of training hard 6 days a week. He has travelled around the country to train with world champion fighters and trainers to ensure that he was in absolute top condition for the challenge.

Yogendra Parekh and Black Widow Martial Arts organised the Last Man Standing Event back in January of this year, creating a superb night of Muay Thai Boxing at the New Bingley Hall – Hockley in Birmingham on Saturday 13th April 2013.

Leigh’s dedication to Traditional Muay Thai is immense; juggling running the Chao Phraya Academy in Lincoln, a full-time job, a family, loosing his father in recent weeks as well as training for the European Title. Only confirms Leigh’s absolute passion for this sport and driving the ‘Art of eight limbs’ within the UK.

Leigh weighed in on the Friday at bang on 69kg before the fight and in his own words said “I’m in the best condition I have been before any fight”. As Leigh was introduced on Fight Night, it certainly showed… In peak condition as he entered the ring, he looked focused and confident.

With his highly regarded corner team of: Shaun Boland (club founder), Andy Thomson (renowned trainer from Thailand), Parnpetch Rirom (international Muay Thai legend) & Darren McFaul (performance specialist) you could tell straight away, this was going to be an epic battle… a battle where Edlin needed to be on top form and he certainly was. Controlling every round, not giving the Italian a second to think or even compose himself.

Leigh openly admits, his opponent Michele Botezatu took some of his best shots. Punches, kicks, knees and elbows that would have put many a fighter down and all credit to him for that. Being a very Traditional Muay Thai Fighter, gives you up most respect for your opponents and even though Leigh won every round on points, he was far from unscathed from the fight and needed stitches to repair cuts to his face after the fight.

Reflecting from the fight on Saturday night, takes a few days to sink in. That a fighter representing the Chao Phraya Academy in Lincoln has taken his sport to one of the very highest levels and succeeded. It’s only the battle scars and the European Title Belt that now remind us of this great feat Leigh has accomplished.

Whats next for Leigh Edlin… He now gets the time to spend with his family and friends that he has missed but Leigh is looking forward to working with his students at the Chao Phraya Academy. Pushing them to their physical limits; hoping to either improve fitness, confidence or maybe produce another Champion!

Then on the horizon, time and day job allowing, Leigh will be able to defend his Champion Status, with a high possibility of it being abroad. Then next, perhaps a shot at a World Title!!

ISKA European Title Fight
Venue: The New Bingley Hall, Hockley in Brimingham.



Leigh Edlin v Michele Botezatu 4
Leigh Edlin v Michele Botezatu 2
Leigh Edlin v Michele Botezatu 1

Leigh being crowned the New ISKA European Champion!


Leigh Posted on Facebook straight after the fight:
“I would just like to say that I am astounded by the support that I have been given tonight. After having had one of the toughest years I can remember, with some real tough problems at work and then losing my dad recently, this is the boost I need. I can’t thank you all enough and I genuinely mean that. I have some VERY special friends 🙂 “

With well over 100 supporters from Lincoln and the Chao Phraya Academy, traveling to Birmingham to support Leigh’s fight!


ISKA European Champion

Promoter: Black Widow Martial Arts
Images by: Trevor Gibbs Photography & Karl Kennedy
Videos by: Gareth Howells

ISKA European Title – Bring it on, like Donkey Kong!

ISKA European Title
Bring it on, like Donkey Kong!

Saturday 13th April 2013

ISKA European Champion

WHO >>
Only one day to go, as Leigh Edlin prepares for his ISKA European Title Fight V Michele Botezatu (Italy). With the weight in today.

Leigh Edlin

At The New Bingley Hall, Hockley, Birmingham B18 5BE.

Doors Open at 4.00PM / First Fight at 4.30PM

Call 07757 984266 to get your tickets now or inbox me for advance purchases, only a handful of tickets remain and maybe sold out before doors open!!

Everybody at The Chao Phraya Muay Thai Academy would like to wish our Kru Leigh Edlin, the very best of luck for tomorrow night! It will go off like Donkey Kong!!

Melton Woman Thai boxer lands world title

Melton Thai boxer Iman lands world title

IMAN Barlow announced her arrival among the Thai boxing elite on Saturday by controlling the biggest fight of her life.

The 19-year-old comfortably defeated multiple world champion Alexis Rufus at the O2 Arena to bring the Enfusion 54kg world title back to Melton.

Roared on by thousands of fans with a world title up for grabs and with her dad and coach Mark in her corner, Saturday night in London was dreamtime for Iman. Suddenly, the 15 years of fights, endless training, and sacrifices all made sense.

Recalling the events two days later, Iman still seemed stunned by the scale of the occasion.

IMAN Barlow

She said: “It was the most amazing night of my life, it was crazy. Everyone was chanting my name and clapping for me, it was like my home crowd.

“There were people on Facebook and Twitter telling me I was an inspiration, and people waited around after the end to have their photo taken with me. It was unbelievable.

“It makes all that training and not going out drinking totally worthwhile.”

In the biggest night of her long Thai boxing career, Iman showed remarkable composure to take control early on and maintain it through all five rounds. Her dominance was reflected in the judges’ scorecards which gave her a unanimous points decision.


The assured performance also earned Iman the added prestige of the Fighter of the Night award and a handy 250 Euro bonus.

She added: “I knew it was going to be a tough fight because she is such a strong puncher, and in the first round she came at me, but she didn’t rush in as we expected her to which gave me time to find my range.

“In the second round she just came running at me and from then until the fifth round, that’s all she did.

“She only tried kicking about four times in the entire fight. I don’t know how she thought she was going to win just by steaming in and boxing. I didn’t batter her, but I was in control.”

The fight was the penultimate bout of a star-studded show which was streamed to 92 countries across the globe and attracted thousands of UK Thai boxing fans to the London venue’s Indigo Rooms.

The Melton fighter was inundated with good luck messages before the bout and the wave of support continued all the way to the final bell.

But despite a dominant display, Iman refused to believe she had won until it was officially confirmed.

She said: “Every time I came back to my corner my dad said the round was mine. Sometimes he says that just to keep my confidence up, but I knew I was winning because she wasn’t doing enough to win.


“At the end I knew I had won, but I kept asking my dad to make sure.

“When I was training I pictured myself winning the belt, but when the referee put my hand up, I just started crying with happiness.”

A well-earned week off precedes her next big occasion, her 20th birthday, but it won’t be long before she returns to serious training for her next big fight in Guernsey in June.

And the fights will get even bigger after September when she begins a six-fight contract with Enfusion, the promoters of Saturday’s show.


ISKA European Title Fight

A few Ticket still remaining…

Please support our Kru (Instructor) who is fighting for the ISKA European Title!!


This years LAST MAN STANDING 3K KO TOURNAMENT under Full Thai Rules will be contested at 62KG max from Birmingham’s biggest new venue The Bingley Hall in Hockley Birmingham.

The Bingley Hall is a state of the art 2000 seat/standing venue located at the heart of Birmingham Central. The venue offers everything from onsite bars and hot food to ample car/coach parking facilities for over 600 vehicles! There are no obstructions and the ring can be clearly viewed from anywhere in the venue. The show will feature dancers, fireworks, laser lights large TV screens, chill out areas and most importantly the strongest card to take place in the Midlands to date!

Last Man Standing

1) Carlton Lieu (Team Tieu) ISKA English Champion & Ringmasters Champion
2) Ross George (Kaang Raang) ISKA Commonwealth Champion
3) Matt McKeown (Black Diamond) WRSA English & ISKA Midland Area Champion
4) Ricky Sewell (Liams Gym) British Champion
5) Sean Clancy (Siam Warriors) ISKA Irish Champion
6) Angelo “Devilman” Campoli (Italy) Italian no1 & Yokkao Extreme Winner
7) Anthony Ferguson (Pumped Gym) European Champion
8) Brian Totty (The Griphouse) Scottish Champion

9) Jack Cooper (Middlesbrough Fight Academy / Porpromin Muay Thai Thailand)
10) Jack Battershall (Shin Kick) ISKA Southern Area Champion

ISKA European Title Fight
Leigh Edlin (Chao Phraya) V Michele Botezatu (Italy)

Reece Crooke (Evolution) V Joseph Lasari (Italy)

ISKA Super Heavyweight Midland Area Title
Chris Cooper (Black Widow) V Andre Groce (Firewalkers)

Just added to the undercard:

Lucien Alleyne (Black Widow) V Thai Hoang (Team Tieu)
This will be a great fight between two very talented young fighters expect fireworks and a great display of Muay Thai.

Naqqash Khan (Black Widow) V Glenn Sweetman (Corefit)
Another great fight between local lads just added to the card.

We will also be releasing match ups shortly for Iman Barlow, Jose Valera, Jon Greenwood and many other top names.

Tickets are now on sale and we’ve already started selling VIP tables for this event so book yours now!

£600 VIP Table for x10 people including x3 course meal & waitress service
£60 VIP Table Seat including x3 course meal & waitress service
£30 Adult Standard
£15 Junior Standard

Doors Open at 4.00PM / First Fight at 4.30PM

Last Man Standing

Last Man Standing

Please support our Kru (Instructor) who is fighting for the ISKA European Title!!


This years LAST MAN STANDING 3K KO TOURNAMENT under Full Thai Rules will be contested at 62KG max from Birmingham’s biggest new venue The Bingley Hall in Hockley Birmingham.

The Bingley Hall is a state of the art 2000 seat/standing venue located at the heart of Birmingham Central. The venue offers everything from onsite bars and hot food to ample car/coach parking facilities for over 600 vehicles! There are no obstructions and the ring can be clearly viewed from anywhere in the venue. The show will feature dancers, fireworks, laser lights large TV screens, chill out areas and most importantly the strongest card to take place in the Midlands to date!

1) Carlton Lieu (Team Tieu) ISKA English Champion & Ringmasters Champion
2) Ross George (Kaang Raang) ISKA Commonwealth Champion
3) Matt McKeown (Black Diamond) WRSA English & ISKA Midland Area Champion
4) Ricky Sewell (Liams Gym) British Champion
5) Sean Clancy (Siam Warriors) ISKA Irish Champion
6) Angelo “Devilman” Campoli (Italy) Italian no1 & Yokkao Extreme Winner
7) Anthony Ferguson (Pumped Gym) European Champion
8) Brian Totty (The Griphouse) Scottish Champion

9) Jack Cooper (Middlesbrough Fight Academy / Porpromin Muay Thai Thailand)
10) Jack Battershall (Shin Kick) ISKA Southern Area Champion

ISKA European Title Fight
Leigh Edlin (Chao Phraya) V Diego Santuccio (Italy)

Reece Crooke (Evolution) V Joseph Lasari (Italy)

ISKA Super Heavyweight Midland Area Title
Chris Cooper (Black Widow) V Andre Groce (Firewalkers)

Just added to the undercard:

Lucien Alleyne (Black Widow) V Thai Hoang (Team Tieu)
This will be a great fight between two very talented young fighters expect fireworks and a great display of Muay Thai.

Naqqash Khan (Black Widow) V Glenn Sweetman (Corefit)
Another great fight between local lads just added to the card.

We will also be releasing match ups shortly for Iman Barlow, Jose Valera, Jon Greenwood and many other top names.

Tickets are now on sale and we’ve already started selling VIP tables for this event so book yours now!

£600 VIP Table for x10 people including x3 course meal & waitress service
£60 VIP Table Seat including x3 course meal & waitress service
£30 Adult Standard
£15 Junior Standard

Doors Open at 4.00PM / First Fight at 4.30PM

Smash 3 Muaythai – Videos

Smash 3 Muaythai – Videos

Smash 3 Muaythai – James Bowen v Dean Lynch

Smash Muaythai 3 – Danny Hammer v Kev Mcalister

Smash Muaythai 3 – Joshia Gillespie v Luke Donoghue

Smash Muaythai 3 – Josh Williamson v Luke Davis

Smash Muaythai 3 – Garry Kewley v Sam Ward

Smash Muaythai 3 – Luke Imeson v Liam Nolan

Smash Muaythai 3 – Matty Shippen v Chris Cooper

Smash Muaythai 3 – Kate Stables v Ruth Ashdown

Smash Muaythai 3 – Simon Forrest v Anthony McGee

Smash Muaythai 3 – Gavin Rogerson v Danny Leadbetter

Smash Muaythai 3 – Jon Greenwood v Peter Rai